Waste Hunt

Waste Hunt.png

The Mission

The goal of Waste Hunt is a world without waste. Their activity has been focused on engaging citizens through monthly waste hunts in various locations around the city and complile a detailed report of the trash they had collected. Their aim is to create more knowledge about the litter problem and involve the local areas and businesses in understanding it. They have been very succesful and

Oppi’s involvement began with the the desire of Tina and Florence to grow the impact and value created by their organisation by acting on the root causes of the challenge rather than focusing on the manifestation of it. We have engaged on a strategy targeted at identifying the core of the challenge and the key stakeholders to actively involve in experimenting a new way forward.


Challenge Definition

We began just by discussing the opportunities Waste Hunt saw, and decided to focus on an initiative in the Frederiksberg neighborhood of Aarhus, DK. Tina from Waste Hunt is a resident there and ran many events in the local area. We mapped out stakeholders and defined a first version of a challenge statement to test in the field:

How can we work together to create a more collaborative way for business and local community to take responsibility and action around product related waste?

The Lab: first steps

An event has been organized to surface knowledge and experiences around this challenge and gather potential relevant stakeholders for the first time.

The aim of this event is to further refine the challenge statement and begin identifying people with skin in the game to engage further in the running of the lab.