The 3-day Action Studio consists of a workshop which draws upon U process, systems practice and agile scrum methodology, among other elements, adjusted to fit your needs. It can include the following pieces:

  • Learning Journeys: The members of the team visit places relevant to the challenge that they are not normally in touch with and connect with the people involved

  • Voices from the Field: The new knowledge from the learning journeys, as well as existing knowledge from the team, is shared, to create a common picture of the problem

  • Challenge Definition: The challenge statement is revisited and revised by team, if necessary, based on new information

  • Presencing: The team goes through a ‘presencing’ process, of self-reflection, relevant to the work and the way they want to engage with it.

  • Ideas and potential solutions are explored

  • Groups Formation: The team is divided into smaller groups around different ideas, to build ‘prototypes’ of these ideas

  • Feedback: The different groups go through some iterations of their prototypes to develop the ideas with the input of the wider team

  • Next steps: Each group creates an action plan of next steps to implement and test their idea after the workshop is done, as well as criteria for measuring the effectiveness