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In an increasingly complex world, it is crucial for the whole system to develop an emergent practice and to meet and work in the ‘implementation space’ that sits between business as usual and desired future.

The Nordic EduLab will be a platform for local stakeholders to connect from different parts of the educational sector, to share their work, develop ideas together and get support in implementing change in their respective organisations, institutions or departments.

We are currently investigating the field and gathering stakeholders, conveners and partners across the Nordic Regions.
The Lab planned start date is September 2020

Let us know if you’re interested in participating or hearing more

First gathering: Helsinki - 28th August 

Below is the documentation of the first gathering, which took place at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra in Helsinki. The aim was to get a sense of the education system, from the different perspectives that were present in the room.

The work was around two topics:

  • Mapping the education system: what are current challenges, visions of where it should go, and ways to get there

  • Mapping of stakeholders: Those necessary to bringing about the desired future, and those already working on it



Mapping the System ~ The Three Horizons Framework

Created by Bill Sharpe. the Three Horizons is an intuitive framework for thinking about the future and how to bring it about, the following questions were asked:

  • Horizon 1 (Business as Usual): What are the characteristics of the predominant system that are not working?

  • Horizon 3 (The Desired Future): What is the future of education that you want to bring about?

  • Horizon 2 (Edge of Change): What actions or approaches can we take to bring about this future, and prevent from extending Business as Usual?

Visual map of the 3 Horizons (click to view)

Typed notes of the 3 horizons

Mapping Stakeholders

Stakeholder matrix

The stakeholder matrix is a tool to analyze the stakeholders and assess involvement and goals. In this matrix the Y Axis represent the tactical or strategical characteristic of the stakeholders, while X Axis represent their technical or social nature. The following questions were asked

  • Who is currently working on bringing about this desired future?

  • Who is key in bringing about this future?

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