Tackle tough problems through collaboration and experimentation - a special offer.

What is the most complex challenge your organisation is facing?

The world of today is uncertain and fast-changing. This uncertainty can be intimidating, and translate into risk when not dealt with well. There are many challenges for businesses in this complex environment - being complex organisations themselves and interacting with countless external and internal factors.

How do you effectively maintain and develop a company which has transformed - through fast growth or a need for restructuring?

How do you proactively address current or approaching shifts in the market?

How do you embrace and enhance a culture and practice of innovation within your organisation?

At Oppi, this is what we do.

We support organisations and communities in creating change and innovation around Europe, and are now establishing ourselves in Denmark.

We use a strategy which centers around helping clearly articulate the challenge or focus point which is pressing for you and developing and implementing solutions in a cross-divisional and innovative way, starting with an Action Studio.

We are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations in developing their own abilities to get results in complex or uncertain situations.

Special offer: Action Studio Package

We are just now kick-starting our own venture and we would like to offer you an Action Studio Package at a limited discount rate - available until the 15th of March!

What is an Action Studio?

Action: doing something for a particular purpose.

Studio: a room or place for instruction or experimentation in one of the performing arts

The Action Studio is a process to explore your challenge and engage the assembled team to develop solutions and leave with simple, actionable steps to test them out. The assembled team is made up of a combination of relevant people from within your organisation and the surrounding community - people who are affected by the challenge or touch the challenge in different ways.

The Action Studio centres around a 3-day workshop, which draws upon various theories and practices, employed to fit your needs. What you will get from this process includes:

  • A deeper, validated understanding of the problem

  • A portfolio of different potential solutions to the challenge

  • An environment for increased collaboration and innovation

  • Beginning to shift mindsets, to a strategically adaptive culture

  • Increased communication and trust across different departments, divisions or teams

This is a 2-3 day workshop for 20-40 participants from within or related to your organisation. As well as this workshop, the Action Studio Package includes:

  • 2x preparation meetings with leadership team

  • 3-5x interviews with other members of the organisation and/or relevant external people - to deepen the understanding of the challenge in focus

  • 1x follow up meeting with leadership team - after the Action Studio

  • 2x 2 hour follow up coaching sessions with the team - on their work and implementation following the Action Studio

  • Documentation and materials from the process

  • Evaluation of results

What’s in it for us?

We want to prove that this is the way to go about solving touch challenges in organisational contexts. Concretely, we get your reference - if you like our work!


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The 3-day Action Studio consists of a workshop which draws upon U process, systems practice and agile scrum methodology, among other elements, adjusted to fit your needs. It can include the following pieces:

  • Learning Journeys: The members of the team visit places relevant to the challenge that they are not normally in touch with and connect with the people involved

  • Voices from the Field: The new knowledge from the learning journeys, as well as existing knowledge from the team, is shared, to create a common picture of the problem

  • Challenge Definition: The challenge statement is revisited and revised by team, if necessary, based on new information

  • Presencing: The team goes through a ‘presencing’ process, of self-reflection, relevant to the work and the way they want to engage with it.

  • Ideas and potential solutions are explored

  • Groups Formation: The team is divided into smaller groups around different ideas, to build ‘prototypes’ of these ideas

  • Feedback: The different groups go through some iterations of their prototypes to develop the ideas with the input of the wider team

  • Next steps: Each group creates an action plan of next steps to implement and test their idea after the workshop is done, as well as criteria for measuring the effectiveness