Burning man


The Mission

In collaboration with the Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2019 and Sydhavnen we hosted a space to explore the dynamics of our roles as citizens in both temporary and permanent cities: a cooperative and collaborative event aimed at prototyping proposals on how the principles of Black Rock City/Radical City can be applied to permanent cities to encourage active, creative and sustainable citizen participation addressing questions that pertain to issues of public space, civic activism, urban impermanence, self-expression, governance systems, community-building and fostering sustainable cities.



The focus of the workshop was Sydhavnen (South Port), one of the areas in Aarhus where art, music, creative professions and associations can unfold freely and at the same time afford to pay rent. It is a cultural oasis in constant development, where new innovative newcomers continue to find space for artistic development and where several of the city's hostels have created a good everyday life for many people.
The Kommune’s plan for the development of the area has put Sydhavnen and its identity under a lot of pressure, surfacing the question of how current and future realities can co-exist.

The Prototypes

After surfacing the knowledge and experience in the room the core of the session was a rapid prototyping sprint. All teams created a prototype around the challenge that they felt the most connected with.
These were rapid prototypes made with material that could be found in the room and could be further developed into actual prototypes to be tested on the field.