Tackle tough problems through collaboration and experimentation

Do you have a problem in your organisation or work which is persistent, complicated, or confusing?

Are you working with a challenge or a topic which needs effective collaboration and a more experimental way of working?

Does you work demand an adaptive and innovative approach?

We are contacting you because we consider the work you do to be important. We believe we can support you in addressing the toughest challenge you have at present, and with that, help you to more effectively achieve your mission.

Free Action Studio Package

At Oppi, our newly founded company, we establish platforms for creating change within organisations and communities in various locations, and are now establishing ourselves in Aarhus. We are passionate about supporting people in developing the abilities to get results in complex or uncertain situations.

As we refine the process for the local context we are offering 3 complimentary Action Studio Packages to organisations such as yours. If you would like to see what our approach can gift to your organisation or your situation, we’d like to invite you to submit a request for 1 of these packages.

What is an Action Studio?

Action: doing something for a particular purpose.

Studio: a room or place for instruction or experimentation

The Action Studio is a process to explore your challenge and engage the assembled team to develop solutions and leave with simple, actionable steps to test them out. The assembled team is made up of a combination of relevant people from within your organisation and the the surrounding community - people who are affected by the challenge or touch the challenge in different ways.

It centres around a 3-day workshop which draws upon various theories and practices, employed to fit your needs. It takes a systemic approach to surface collective knowledge and move through multiple steps in getting to action on a variety of solutions to the challenge.

The full Action Studio Package that we offer you includes:

  • 2x preparation meetings with leadership team

  • 3-5x interviews with other members of the organisation and/or relevant external people

  • 2-3 day Action Studio for 20-40 participants from within or related to your organisation and community

  • 1x follow up meeting with leadership team

  • 2x 2 hour follow up coaching sessions with the team

  • Documentation and materials from the process

  • Evaluation of results

This process can be your opportunity to initiate or continue your work in a new way, or a starting point for a more sustained - long term - strategy.

Why are we offering this for you for free?

.We believe that there are better ways to organise the way work is done, that we can more effectively tackle difficult problems through a more experimental and collaborative approach. We want to prove that this is the way to go about solving tough challenges in organisational and community contexts.

As a new company we would like to hone this offering here in the Danish context. And, if you like our work, also get some references.

We would love to hear from you: apply directly below to receive one of the 3 packages for free or send us an email in case of questions or for more information.


Please complete the form below

Think about what problem or challenge you currently have or see needing to be addressed and try to articulate this as best as possible. Examples might be

  • How to create a more transparent communication flow across the organisation

  • How to work with related organisations on a common problem (such as integration, unemployment etc)

  • How to best serve a specific group of society/customers

  • How to best support initiatives to grow and make an impact

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This problem is greatly affecting your current work
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The 3-day Action Studio consists of a workshop which draws upon U process, systems practice and agile scrum methodology, among other elements, adjusted to fit your needs. It can include the following pieces:

  • Learning Journeys: The members of the team visit places relevant to the challenge that they are not normally in touch with and connect with the people involved

  • Voices from the Field: The new knowledge from the learning journeys, as well as existing knowledge from the team, is shared, to create a common picture of the problem

  • Challenge Definition: The challenge statement is revisited and revised by team, if necessary, based on new information

  • Presencing: The team goes through a ‘presencing’ process, of self-reflection, relevant to the work and the way they want to engage with it.

  • Ideas and potential solutions are explored

  • Groups Formation: The team is divided into smaller groups around different ideas, to build ‘prototypes’ of these ideas

  • Feedback: The different groups go through some iterations of their prototypes to develop the ideas with the input of the wider team

  • Next steps: Each group creates an action plan of next steps to implement and test their idea after the workshop is done, as well as criteria for measuring the effectiveness